Mexico's first year of cross-border e-commerce, the only remaining blue ocean analysis, a year-on-ye

| Surprise

According to the latest data from the cross-border e-commerce platforms Amazon and Mercado Libre, two-tenths of the companies in Mexico under the epidemic are in the e-commerce market, causing sales of e-commerce platforms to continue to surge, net merchandise sales to increase by more than 100%, and Mexican e-commerce as a whole to increase by more than 260%, which is why many sellers are flocking to Mexico's huge blue sea.

alas... Now the European and American market business is getting harder and harder to do, do Mexico is cool, e-commerce gross margin is so high. With such a high gross margin, I've applied for Amazon RFC, Megyn Tho account, Linio.

You do not know, toss 2 months of RFC, it is not easy to come down, freight forwarding ran 60 days ship, survived 60 days, the United States can not enter the warehouse, can not come to the warehouse even, but also robbed, watching the peak season missed the

Recently a friend introduced a company, Facebook also searched, their logistics aging or the fastest market, each car has police follow the car, and now can also check the United States more ID, and can arrange seasonal goods priority into the warehouse, yesterday I also saw their entry order.

Enter the warehouse order

Seasonal goods can now be arranged for ML2

Is it true!? Hurry to introduce, now I go empty 15 days, haipai 60 days to go. I use the freight forwarder also often tell me that was detained, very unreliable, feel that Mexican e-commerce seems to be the blue sea, but to go to sea to find a reliable logistics company.

You go to Facebook to search SANSTAR Mexico FBA Logistics, they're from the end, they've been clearing and delivering in Mexico for six years, and they've been answering questions about cross-border e-commerce sellers in Mexico.

| November Mexican customs suddenly high inspection rate, high seizure rate?

· Mexican Customs and the United States Customs and Border Protection coordinate the promotion of joint cargo inspection plans at the northern border to strengthen border cargo inspections;

· Mexican Customs and the U.S. Embassy to strengthen anti-corruption strategic cooperation and customs will add police dog units;

· Mexican customs will step up inspections of imported goods from November (especially after 44 weeks, when goods are basically required).

For these reasons, many Mexican cross-border e-commerce goods have been delayed in completing customs clearance due to insufficient customs clearance capacity of cooperative freight forwarders, and in November there was a large number of customs inspections and seizures at airports and terminals.

| Answer, the United States can not send positions normally

· Due to the proximity of the traditional peak season of the Mexican market, Chinese sellers stocked up on Mexican e-commerce warehouses, resulting in a full warehouse, and now All E-commerce platforms in Mexico have introduced different rules for the delivery of positions restrictions.

For example, the U.S. customers more ML2 warehouse 46 weeks began to suddenly implement the delivery limit, many sellers were informed by the freight forwarding, logistics companies have delivered goods to the door of the U.S. customers multi-warehouse but was suddenly rejected by the warehouse.

· In response to this emergency, on November 13, SANSTAR Mexico's head of per person in charge contacted Mexico Mercado Libre headquarters was informed: "Because this year began the rapid growth of the number of U.S. customers multi-Mexican station Chinese sellers, coupled with the sellers in high season a large number of stock-bearing warehouse has been fully operational, so there is a U.S.-Kado warehouse for some chinese sellers to enter the warehouse restrictions, which will lead to some sellers in the short term can not send positions."

MercadoLire Mexico official said: "The platform seller has established a white list of delivery, if the Chinese seller plans to ship or already has goods in the air/sea transport, it is recommended that the seller must first submit to Mercado Lire seller information to inquire whether the position can be sent and book the time to enter the warehouse, do not arrange the delivery first." If your account is on the whitelist, MercadoLire Mexican authorities can expedite the review of shipments and schedule delivery as soon as possible.

| A whitelist of U.S. customers' multiple accounts? How do I find out? SANSTAR offers free inquiries!

·SANSTARmay be sent on behalf of the seller SELLER ID to Mercado Lire Mexican authorities.

·If your account is not on the white list of delivery, do not send, forward sea pie, and transfer goods to the logistics company with Mexican overseas warehouse services, make an appointment later in the week, to further confirm the delivery schedule, to avoid unnecessary logistics or loss of goods.

wow... Such a detailed answer, see, their ability is very strong, can get so much official information, feedback to us these e-commerce sellers, praise!!!

Yes, during their outbreak, for the domestic and foreign have made a lot of contributions, the chamber of commerce and the Chinese people there are good impressions of them, so far there is no arrest and theft of the incident, abroad, or only the Chinese reliable, Mexican customs clearance, nothing to collect money, something not to answer the phone, now my friends in Mexico are looking for them to arrange logistics.

I also have to find him to try, anyway, to whom are gone, Mexican logistics freight forwarding I have gone all over, so far have not found a real reliable logistics provider.

Indeed, listening to my Mexican friends, who have a speed of 4 days, Hakada 35 days, have their own offshore warehouses in Mexico City, my friend says, they can keep customs clearance so fast because they have their own customs clearance. It's reassuring.

Do you have any contact information for them?

Below there is SANSTAR logistics contact information, need to be able to contact ha!

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