Cross-border e-commerce industry 2021 "rich" market ...

On December 25, SANSTAR was invited to participate in the "Breaking Bad" 2020 China (Fujian) Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Festival hosted by Haixihui and Xiamen Cross-Border E-commerce Association.

In this summit, dozens of industry leaders, e-commerce platform leaders from around the world, industry logistics experts and star lecturers gave lectures to share their experiences on operations, payments, selection and logistics, as well as new developments in platforms and logistics in 2021 to help sellers solve logistics challenges and extract new information from emerging markets.

Deep understanding of sellers and cross-border business executives pay close attention to the "logistics problems" conference ad hoc "logistics special" venue, to help sellers choose the best logistics channels to seize the Blue Sea market.


In the post-epidemic era, the survival status quo of Latin American sellers is analyzed

Director Fanta summed up the current state of survival of Latin American sellers in 2020 in four stages: "Surprise - Surprise - Tired - Block."


The outbreak of factory shutdowns, no products exported abroad, the national economy is depressed, to cross-border e-commerce future cast a question mark.


As the epidemic changes people's consumption patterns, consumer power from offline to online, cross-border e-commerce platform order sales increased significantly, surprises continue.


Platform orders are increasing day by day, platform inventory began to rush, factories began to produce, sellers continue to ship to fill positions, when the seller tired and happy.

stop up:

With the outbreak of the fourth wave of outbreaks and the arrival of the peak season, the port of destination express delivery is the first to send, coupled with soaring freight rates, terminal cabinets, overseas warehouse bursts, goods are either blocked in the warehouse door or blocked in the delivery of the road.

The impact of Mexico's new tax law on cross-border e-commerce

About Mexico's new tax code:

It consists mainly of IGI, IVA and DAT, and some Mexican products are imported with NOM certification, and in June this year Mexico issued the Economic Plan 2020, which states that technology platforms that sell goods and services online must comply with new tax rules, i.e. platform withholding IVA, as is now the case with VAT, which is now being withheld in some EU countries in the second half of the year or in 2021.

Platform IVA deduction:

U.S. customers - no withholding IVA, normal cross-border third-party collection;

Linio - no withholding of IVA, normal cross-border third-party collection;

Amazon - Requires withholding IVA, which will be refunded if a local account in Mexico can self-report.

Break down logistics providers' difficulty in choosing

Director Fanta made a hypothesis:

Suppose a seller invests $10 million for the full year, with an annual loan interest of 7% and a total annual interest rate of $700,000. According to the current average market time limit in Mexico.

The current average time limit for assignments is 15 days, 365 days a year can be 23 business, the cost of each interest is 700,000 / 23 times≈30,000 / time;

SANSTAR has a stable time limit of 4 days, can do 90 businesses a year, do 67 more times, earn an extra 2.01 million.

Haipai currently has an average time limit of 60-70 days, doing only four businesses a year, each interest cost of 700,000 / 4 times≈175,000 / time;

SANSTAR has a stable time limit of 35 days, can do 9 times a year, do 5 more times, earn an extra 875,000.

The world martial arts only fast, in fact, for the seller stable and fast time efficiency to the seller whether from the stocking cycle, or capital turnover can get a stable and sustainable development.

Mexico express, air, sea time limit greatly decrypted

Courier packet aging:

10-15 days, the current peak of the epidemic, the statute of limitations can only be determined;

Hong Kong Air Transport Limitations:

Hong Kong air direct flights market time limit of 15 days, of which the smooth clearance, the required clearance time of 7 days;

South China Sea Freight Limitation:

South China sea direct shipping market aging 60-70 days, such as smooth customs clearance, customs clearance time is about 30 days.

HowMexico's "devil" clearance problem broke through

Director Fanta shares some information on the structure of customs procedures at Mexican airports and terminals here:

Whether our goods can be smoothly out of the customs process is very much, Mexico customs clearance mainly look at four departments: customs, anti-smuggling section, tax bureau, traffic lights

Customs and Anti-Smuggling Section has the right to directly open the box inspection, the Tax Bureau and the Red Street Light Department although there is no direct right to open the box inspection, but there is the right to review goods, so this leads to the cargo inspection probability is very large.

So how does SANSTAR solve Mexico's "devil" clearance problem:

SANSTAR in Mexico has many years of experience in customs clearance, the most important thing is that SANSTAR has its own customs clearance, customs clearance is that the role of customs clearance, such as customs sudden events or inspection, with customs clearance, can quickly and directly with the relevant departments to solve the corresponding problems.

So whether there is a customs clearance can also be used as a test of the strength of Mexican logistics companies one of the big points.

About SANSTAR Logistics Services


SANSTAR is a logistics company from the end of Mexico to the front back,SANSTAR in Mexico has been deeply cultivated for more than 6 years, during this period to achieve 0 buckle, 0 theft, SANSTAR headquarters in Mexico City.

Our logistics products are committed to creating a new benchmark for cross-border e-commerce logistics in Mexico to protect our goods.

SANSTAR Fist Products:

Mexico Air - Extreme: 4 days after departure, Hong Kong 3 flights a week, direct flights to Mexico City.

Mexico Sea Pie - Hecada: The statute of limitations is stable for 35 days after sailing, with only COSCO's direct shipping clippers.

The time limit for textiles from haisong is stable for 35 days after sailing. This will be more interesting for sellers who have resources for shoe bags and clothing in Xiamen.

Reflections on the post-epidemic era in 2021

In the coming post-2021 era of outbreaks

It's a selection of products in the Red Sea

Or a random selection in the blue sea?

Professional customs clearance team

The market is the fastest | MEX has its own overseas positions

The whole police escorted | Speed truck delivery | Visual logistics tracking | 24-hour customer service

A new benchmark for cross-border e-commerce logistics in Mexico

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