Linio's coming, are you still fretting about the piles in the logistics store?

Are you still fretting about the piles in the logistics warehouse?

Are you still fretting about substandard performance?

Are you still fretting about not selling?


seen it

Linio is a B2C platform owned by the Falabella Group (Latin American Retailer) and founded in 2012 as one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Latin America.

Linio in Mexico in May will usher in a big promotion activities, is not to miss the opportunity to burst the bill, take advantage of Linio's big promotion activities, one-time solution to your troubles, your troubles will no longer be trouble! !


Have a LINIO account


Sellers need to have a Linio account to participate in the Linio event in May to address the hassle of shipping overseas but not being able to sell.


Goods in SANSTAR overseas warehouse


Seller's goods need to be in SANSTAR overseas warehouse, through Linio official recommended logistics provider SANSTAR application to Linio overseas warehouse.


The goods need to be packed in separate boxes


Goods are required for a class item in a separate box packaging.


Class requirements


Goods are required: furniture, computer-related, small appliances, home sporting goods

At the end of April, Falabella Chile publicly announced on CNN that Linio International sellers were moving into the Farmella platform.

In early May, baner, Chile's home page, has officially previewed Linio's international sellers, with outstanding Chinese brands led by Xiaomi, CHUWEI, Edifier, Lenovo and Umidigi all on the list, and LINIO will further focus on using more chinese brands to ignite the Latin American market!

So for sellers who want to enter the Linio platform at this stage, the Linio platform can both worry and business opportunities.

Seller friends who want to settle in Linio, seller friends who want to solve the problem of goods, you can contact SANSTAR!

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