Work with Xiamen sellers and friends, Nuggets Mexico's cross-border e-commerce market

June 11-13, 2021, "China Xiamen International Cross-border E-commerce Industry Exhibition (ICEIE)" held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center!


Is the domestic cross-border e-commerce theme exhibition, high specifications, high influence, industry-wide large-scale cross-border e-commerce exhibition.


Empowering Sellers Nuggets cross-border e-commerce market

SANSTAR Mexico Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics


Linio'slargest retailer in Latin America, FalabellaIts B2C e-commerce platform


AMZ123Cross-border e-commerce

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# Mexico's cross-border e-commerce market is the dominant market

SANSTAR and LINIO shine at the show!

The unique Mexican cross-border e-commerce market, with great prospects for development!

The audience who consults with Linio, a cross-border e-commerce platform in Mexico, has a strong interest and enthusiasm for the cross-border e-commerce market in Mexico.

Latin American Forum

Mexico Cross-Border E-commerce Monopoly - There is a new platform operations director, in the cross-border e-commerce forum, for the Mexican cross-border e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce logistics with Mexico, to make detailed data analysis, and knowledge sharing.

SANSTAR and LINIO share their experiences on operations, logistics and other aspects with their audience friends at the exhibition.

As well as the 2021 platform, logistics new developments, to help sellers solve cross-border e-commerce in Mexico, Mexico logistics problems, nuggets of Mexico cross-border e-commerce emerging markets. By the audience friends recognized and loved.

# If you want to know:

The residence and rules of the Mexican e-commerce platform;

Various policy issues on the ground in Mexico;

Mexico's overseas position problem;

Mexico cross-border e-commerce logistics aging, process, security and other issues.

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The market is the fastest | MEX has its own overseas positions

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A new benchmark for cross-border e-commerce logistics in Mexico

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