The things that cross-border e-commerce sellers need to pay attention to are here! New Mercado Libre


Following the change of Mexican cross-border e-commerce (Mercado Libre) that the Mexican logistics company makes an appointment for warehouse delivery, recently Mercado Libre has released new regulations...

| MercadoLibre's new shipping box size regulation!!!


· Due to Full's sustained growth and in order to optimize space in our warehouses in Mexico

· We will temporarily receive only products whose sides measure up to 48 cm, instead of 60 cm and the maximum allowed weight remains at 30 kg.

· If you currently have stored stock or on its way to the warehouse which exceeds 48 cm on its sides, they will be available for sales without any problems.

· Please note that these are momentary changes and we are working to receive all your products back to normal.

| MercadoLibre's overseas warehouses will start to charge storage fees!

Starting in March, Mexico FBM will begin to charge long-term storage fees for goods stored in warehouses for more than 60 natural days in batches (monthly settlement)

The long-term storage fee will be calculated on the basis of the product's packaging size and storage time:


*MXN=Mexican Peso

From February 17th, the Fulfillment Management section of the backstage of Meikeduo sellers has added a new long-term storage fee window, which shows the age of each item in the warehouse and the expected storage fee.

Before the arrival of the charging date shown in the seller's backstage, you can enjoy free storage in Mexico's overseas warehouses.

However, the goods must be released from the warehouse in time before the arrival of the charging date in order to be exempt from this storage fee.

The following categories of goods belong to the scope of long-term storage levy:

Goods for sale;

Goods not for sale (such as damaged goods);

Goods to be picked up.

| MercadoLibre will start to charge pick-up fees!

Starting from April 19th (Mexico City time), MercadoLibre will begin to charge Mexican overseas warehouse pickup fees.

It is recommended to book a pick-up date in advance, and pick up items that are older or are no longer planned for sale from March to early April, so as to save storage costs.

The delivery fee to be paid for each unit of goods will depend on the size of the main outer packaging included:


How to minimize storage costs immensely?

If you manage the overseas warehouse inventory correctly, you can realize the FBM storage fee is always FREE.


Properly plan the quantity of warehousing products

Plan the quantity of warehousing goods based on historical demand, and always keep the goods in the warehouse within 60 days. You will be able to view

the historical demand for various commodities in the Orders interface. In addition, you can download the complete report to help plan the shipment quantity

of each product.


Regularly check the age of your products

On the

"Long-term storage fees" page, you will be able to see the age of each item in the warehouse and the estimated storage fees.

We recommend that you check which inventory may incur costs every month and make arrangements in advance.


Promotion before the storage billing date

What should I do if some items are about to be overdue?

If you think that there is still a chance for this batch of goods to be sold before the storage fee billing date, a promotion may be a good choice.

For example, offer discounts or free shipping.


Take away inventory that is no longer for sale in time

Please book the pick-up date in advance, because the volume of goods is huge and the warehouse may take a few days to prepare your goods. Pick-up before the long-term storage fee bill is free (we will charge a pick-up fee after April 19).

common problem


Will the storage time of all goods be calculated?

Mecto calculates the storage time of all parts

that are actually in the warehouse,regardless

of whether they are in the statefor sale, damaged

or waiting to be picked up.In other words, any of

your goods in the warehouse may incur long-term

storage fees.


When does the storage time of the goods start to be calculated?

The storage time of the goods will be calculated from

the day they enter the warehouse and will end when

they are sold or taken away.When selling or picking

them up, Meikeduo will give priority to picking out

the unit with the oldest inventory.


How do I know if the size of my product is small, medium or large?

Meikeduo defines the size of the product according

to the volume of the product's outer packaging

(representing the size of the physical space occupied

by a product in the warehouse).


Do I have to pay a pickup fee for all goods?

Except for damaged goods, all goods taken out of

the warehouse need to be paid.


Where can I see my storage fee details?

Both long-term storage fees and delivery fees will be

reflected in the bi-weekly payment report displayed

in the Payments section.


| About MercadoLibre's store reputation!

Starting from March 8th, orders that are not shipped on time will affect the reputation of the store.


Store reputation will be divided into three colors from high to low, green, yellow, and orange.

· Green-The number of delayed orders cannot exceed 15% of the

total orders.

· Yellow-The number of delayed orders cannot exceed 20% of the

total orders.

· Orange-The number of delayed orders cannot exceed 30% of the

total orders.

· Any order shipped within 72 hours of business hours will not

affect the reputation of the store.

| SANSTAR Mexico's new benchmark for cross-border e-commerce logistics timeliness


Only stable timeliness and stable warehousing are the most trusted by customers!

The shipping schedule of SANSTAR coincides with the appointment time of Meiker, and the locker will be delivered directly to Hong Kong after the year. In this difficult situation where it is difficult to enter the warehouse, SANSTAR still maintains stable warehousing every week!

In Mexico's cross-border e-commerce logistics, SANSTAR has continuously optimized the logistics and fast delivery, service high-quality standards, timeliness and safety and stability, creating a new benchmark for Mexico's cross-border e-commerce logistics timeliness.

Cross-border e-commerce logistics (SANSTAR), focusing on the stable and safe delivery of Mexico’s cross-border e-commerce mercadolibre, creates the fastest cross-border e-commerce logistics timeliness in the market, integrating logistics, customs clearance, card delivery, and overseas warehouses. High-quality Mexican FBM, mercadolibre, cross-border e-commerce logistics terminal distribution, safe and stable mercadolibre warehousing service every week, fast, safe, worry-free, and let you ship with confidence.


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