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SANSTAR Mexico cross-border e-commerce logistics, focusing on Mexico’s cross-border e-commerce logistics line, provides high-quality Mexico FBA, Mexico FBM, Mexico FBL, mercadolibre, amazon, Linio, Mexico cross-border e-commerce logistics terminal distribution, and its own Mexican overseas warehouse, Provide high-quality overseas warehouse warehousing, return and bid exchange, truck delivery services.

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SANSTAR provides high-quality Mexican air transportation services and has its own truck delivery team. 4 days after takeoff, it will be escorted by the local Mexican police and dispatched to the warehouse, creating a new benchmark for cross-border e-commerce logistics in Mexico!

Direct flight from Hong Kong to CV&CX in 20 hours to MEX;

The port of destination should be renamed to formally declare customs duties;

From warehouse to warehouse, the rate of broken boxes is low;

Auto-control time for delivery, flexible and convenient communication;

Carpai police escorted to ensure the safety of the goods;

GPS visualized logistics tracking throughout the journey;

Limitation: The card will be dispatched to the warehouse 4 days after take-off.

SANSTAR still maintains 0 deductions and 0 steals


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